Congress has plan to use foreclosed housing for votes.

Congress has plan to use foreclosed housing for votes.  Congress actually IS planning to sell off the foreclosed homes in bulk lots to large investors to use as rent homes.  At one point they were discussing how to deal with the homeless veteran issue and I thought their wee little brains would connect the dots and go “Hey, we  have all these millions of homes just sitting here, and we got all these homeless veterans, why don’t we make a program to connect the two!?”  But, nope.  No votes or big kickbacks in that.  So, in the end, Congress taxed the American middle classs, used that money to hand over to the large banks (American banks and foreign banks) who then dumped all their foreclosed on homes (their least valuable ones) to the Federal Government who in turn is going to sell them to wealthy investors and corporations to RENT to the people who WERE living in them.  So, now those former home owners are paying monthly to live in a rental that USED to be THEIR home.  All the equity goes to the Investor and not the person living there.

Congress has found a way to take the general population’s money, steal their homes, and convert them into a modern feudal system, complete with liege lord.  Maybe Congress isn’t stupid, maybe they’re just diabolical.

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