Obama Counts Numbers

Seriously.  $19 million a year just to make up numbers to assign government contractors according to the article on FOX News.  Access could to that with some scripts.  I’m sure they have to double check against the database to insure there isn’t a number for the contractor already.  Be nice if they ALSO checked to see if it was the SAME company just rebranding itself to bid again after it had got in trouble for something.  THAT happens a lot.  Still the waste and fraud is rampant.  The agency responsible for checking for that is undermanned and the contractors know it.


  • President Obama: $19 million a year?!  I'd better ask someone about this.  Not Ben, he can't figure out how to make change for a penny...  HILLARY!
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Oh, JEEZE.  NOW what?
  • President Obama: Do you know what's up with the cost of these contractor numbers?
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Yes.  Was there something specific you had a question about?
  • President Obama: Errr...  well.....
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Do you need me to explain it in a way you'll understand so you can figure out if you have any questions?
  • President Obama: Yes, if you don't mind...
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Oh, hell.  I'll go have my staff make up another pop up book.
  • President Obama: Your staff makes the BEST pop up books.
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Well, they got a lot of practice with Bill...
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