Obama Does His Chores.

CNN’s Erin Burnett ((she’s smart and she’s sexy) interviewed former partner Goldman Sachs , Peter Kiernan who continuously shared his concerns about China replacing the U.S. as the world’s top economy and continued to call the United States, “China’s Bitch”.  All throughout the interview CNN kept rolling in their Headline feed, “United States: China’s Bitch” and at one point had an image of the United States on the screen with just the words, “China’s bitch.”   So, historically,  March 8, 2012 is the date CNN officially declared the United States to be China’s bitch.  I understand the concerns of a former Goldman Sachs executive with the United States become China’s bitch.  Our government, Congressmen, and Presidents have traditionally been Goldman Sachs’ bitch.  With 2012 they can reinforce that status having been one of the largest donors to both President Obama and Mittens Romney.


  • President Obama: Paramount Leader!  How nice to see you...
  • President of China Hu Jintau: What do you want, Obama?
  • President Obama: Why..what makes you think I want anything?
  • President of China Hu Jintau: You ALWAYS want something, now what is it this time?
  • President Obama: Well.. I was wondering if we could have some more money...
  • President of China Hu Jintau: MORE MONEY?!  You always want more!!  More money, more votes,  more brains!!  You're like a whining little brat!
  • President Obama: HEY!  I'm the President of the United States!
  • President of China Hu Jintau: You're the President of China's Bitch!  Let me think about what I want for collateral this time...
  • President Obama: But, you'll loan us the money?
  • President of China Hu Jintau: Yes, you'll get the money.  Now go make me a cup of tea.  The way I like it... BIAAATCH!
  • President Obama: Yes, Paramount Leader...
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I think you’ve got the wrong image up for this entry. The title on the image doesn’t match the title of the page, and the image is the same as the next entry, (which does match the titles).

You are correct! Thanks for pointing that out. Replaced the image link to the correct one.

FACT- Hilary bought and sold unilvable land to senior citizen to screw them out of money.Fact- Bill pardoned members of FLAN ( A TERRORIST GROUP) immediatly before he left office so Hilary could get the hispanic vote!FACT- Hilary has spent more on personal eartags than ANY OTHER SENATOR EVER, and most of it goes to people who supported her campain

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