Rand and Rand We Go.

Rand and Rand We Go.  As mentioned in an interview with Alex Jones’ InfoWars.com, Rand endorsed Willard “Mittens” Romney for President.  Not necessarily all THAT surprising as Mitt does have the momentum, war chest, and media spotlight.  The debate now swings to not whether Senator Paul is a “sell out” (to some extent he HAS to be, he’s a Senator) to whether making a deal to work “from within the Party” is worth the compromise over working as an outsider while sticking to your guns.   But, what WOULD he have by NOT endorsing Romney?   It doesn’t look like his family is overly upset, so the only real impact seems to be his image amongst the grassroots and libertarian supporters who have flocked to his father’s banner.  In my view he’s basically become “a little more Politician” and “a little less Statesman.”   Time will tell if that’s what the Nation needed.


  • Senator Joe Lieberman:  Well, Rand.  Looks like you're a REAL Senator now.  I remember giving in to be Gore's running mate.  Gore, THAT'S a four letter word...
  • Senator Rand Paul:  I remember, Joe.  Did they end up doing everything they agreed to for that?
  • Senator Joe Lieberman:  Not a DAMN thing.  My fault, really.  Should have read the fine print... you DID read the fine print?
  • Senator Rand Paul: Fine Print?    I....gotta go...
  • Senator Joe Lieberman:  Heh.  He's SCREWED.
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No need for a third party,we just need the right definitions.The gonmevrent we have is mostly run by Federalists.If it is going to be a two party system democrates and republicans should come together to expose the federalists where they stand.

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